Friday, January 19, 2018

Sprots! vol. 0

Larry Nassar complains it’s too hard to listen to victim stories

"Little girls don't stay little forever...They grow into strong women that return to destroy your world,"

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ohhh Oui vol. 75

Catherine Deneuve and 100 other French women sign public letter disavowing #MeToo ‘witch hunt’

Rape is a crime. But insistent or clumsy drag is not a crime, nor is gallantry a machismo aggression.

 As a result of the Weinstein affair, there has been a legitimate awareness of sexual violence against women, particularly in the workplace, where some men abuse their power. She was necessary. But this liberation of speech turns today into its opposite: we are intimate to speak properly, to silence what is angry, and those who refuse to comply with such injunctions are regarded as treacherous, accomplices! 

 But it is the characteristic of Puritanism to borrow, in the name of a so-called general good, the arguments of the protection of women and their emancipation to better bind them to a status of eternal victims, poor little things under the influence of demon phallocrats, as in the good old days of witchcraft. 

 Deletions and indictments 

In fact, #metoo has led in the press and on social networks a campaign of public denunciations and impeachment of individuals who, without being given the opportunity to respond or defend themselves, were put exactly on the same level as sex offenders. This expeditious justice already has its victims, men sanctioned in the exercise of their profession, forced to resign, etc., while they were only wrong to have touched one knee, tried to steal a kissing, talking about "intimate" things at a business dinner, or sending sexually explicit messages to a woman who was not attracted to each other. 

 This fever to send "pigs" to slaughter, far from helping women to empower themselves, actually serves the interests of the enemies of sexual freedom, religious extremists, the worst reactionaries and those who believe name of a substantial conception of the good and Victorian morality that goes with it, that women are beings "apart", children with an adult face, demanding to be protected. 

 Opposite, men are summoned to beat their guilt and to find, in the depths of their retrospective consciousness, a "misplaced behavior" that they could have had ten, twenty or thirty years ago, and of which they should repent. Public confession, the incursion of self-proclaimed prosecutors in the private sphere, that installs as a climate of totalitarian society. 

 The purificatory wave seems to know no limit. There, we censor a nude of Egon Schiele on a poster; here we call for the removal of a Balthus painting from a museum on the grounds that it would be an apology for pedophilia; in the confusion of the man and the work, we ask the ban of the Roman Polanski retrospective at the Cinémathèque and we obtain the postponement of that devoted to Jean-Claude Brisseau. An academic finds Michelangelo Antonioni's film Blow-Up "misogynistic" and "unacceptable". In the light of this revisionism, John Ford ( The Prisoner of the Desert ) and even Nicolas Poussin ( The Abduction of Sabines ) do not lead wide. 

 Publishers are already asking some of us to make our male characters less "sexist", to talk about sexuality and love with less disproportion, or to ensure that the "trauma experienced by female characters" is made more obvious! At the edge of ridicule, a bill in Sweden wants to impose a consent explicitly notified to any candidate for sexual intercourse! One more effort and two adults who will want to sleep together will first check through an "app" on their phone a document in which the practices they accept and those they refuse will be duly listed. 

 Indispensable freedom to offend 

The philosopher Ruwen Ogien defended a freedom to offend essential to artistic creation. In the same way, we defend a freedom to annoy, indispensable to the sexual freedom. We are now sufficiently warned to admit that the sexual drive is by nature offensive and wild, but we are also sufficiently clairvoyant not to confuse clumsy drag and sexual assault. Above all, we are aware that the human person is not monolithic: a woman can, in the same day, lead a professional team and enjoy being the sexual object of a man, without being a "slut" or  a vile accomplice of patriarchy. She can ensure that her salary is equal to that of a man, but not feel traumatized forever by a rub on the subway, even if it is considered a crime. She can even consider it as the expression of great sexual misery, or even as a non-event. 

 As women, we do not recognize ourselves in this feminism which, beyond the denunciation of abuses of power, takes the face of a hatred of men and sexuality. We believe that the freedom to say no to a sexual proposal is not without the freedom to bother. And we consider that we must know how to respond to this freedom to annoy other than by shutting ourselves up in the role of the prey. For those of us who have chosen to have children, we feel it is better to raise our daughters so that they are informed and aware enough to live their lives without intimidation or guilt. . 

 Accidents that can affect a woman's body do not necessarily reach her dignity and must not, however hard sometimes, necessarily make her a perpetual victim. Because we are not reducible to our body. Our inner freedom is inviolable. And this freedom that we cherish is not without risks and responsibilities.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Negation Aspiration vol. 89

YouTube star “sorry” for posting suicide victim video

After a member of the group says he "doesn't feel good," Paul quips: "What, you never stand next to a dead guy?" before laughing.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Negation Aspiration vol. 87

"Rather than a depressive disorder, demoralization is a type of existential disorder associated with the breakdown of a person’s ‘cognitive map’. It is an overarching psycho-spiritual crisis in which victims feel generally disoriented and unable to locate meaning, purpose or sources of need fulfillment. The world loses its credibility, and former beliefs and convictions dissolve into doubt, uncertainty and loss of direction. Frustration, anger and bitterness are usual accompaniments, as well as an underlying sense of being part of a lost cause or losing battle. The label ‘existential depression’ is not appropriate since, unlike most forms of depression, demoralization is a realistic response to the circumstances impinging on the person’s life.”

The demoralized 



Slow dive / gas flow / tortured soul bold / little boy with gray solitude / crossed the line of what to do / pass time, exclude your mind / soft shapes decay clay / wash away the lifeless day / life, life will fade /  flowing past, collapse of precious life / fortune has waste / respectively behind it /  death to taste /  born to fold, you'll break the mold and feel

Bye Felicia; 2017 in Rear View

NP on a loop: Thou's rendition of "Ordinary World" by Duran Duran

first, Let's all of us take a moment and pay our respects to all who have left us this year. 
R.I.P.: Sex Memes Art Music Comedy Irony Going Out Staying In Depression Testimonials Fandoms Snark Deconstruction Reconstruction Unease when confronted by the murder of innocents "Grimdark" Individualism Elitism Civility Maturity Humility Identity Politics Identity Politics Subversion Transgression Accommodation Urgency The Housing Market (ravaged by fancy coffees and pricey sandwiches i'm told) Accountability Ideology Your Bootstraps Plain-speaking Reading The Room Shaming Shame Momentum Motivation Changes of Scenery Doing Better Than The Year Before Commitment Communication Friendship (not the band Friendship. shit's tight, broh) Support Networks Courtship Opportunity Imagination Productivity Hard Work Yielding Rewards Humanism Misanthropy All The Victims of Avocado Toast. 

2017 can just go ahead and tongue-punch that rusty bear trap.

but hey, this year provided plenty of material for this atrocity conduit i call a blog. here's a list of my favorite posts. if you're new here, this might give you a bit of a scenario of how my broken brains over-process the meaning-devoid.

2007 / 2017: Ten Years of Retributional Sodomy