Monday, November 28, 2011

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 197

KEN RUSSELL: 1927 - 2011

the first "weird" movies i remember seeing were those of Ken Russell. deliriously hallucinogenic... gleefully satanic.... the world always seems just a little more boring after experiencing one of his celluloid trips. but don't take my word for it... the pictures speak for themselves;

ps: just found this out

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fuck YOUR Life vol. 20

Happy Fucking Thanksgiving, you mealy mouthed cuntdrippings.... you dysentery fart clouds... you shame-raped pube raisins.... you ass hair lined sperm maggots.... you intellectually amputated menstrual blood shot gunning toenail warts.... you embryo molesting shoe horn tongued bliss killing prick hags... you fact hating anti-literates....and the horses you rode in on... except replaces "horses" with "sheep" and "rode in on" with "piledrived with your microwave-accident of a cock".

ps: you're also gay.

Monday, November 21, 2011

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! vol. 64

i'm sure most of the people championing the cops were listening to Rage Against the Machine 15 years ago.

i suddenly want something very bad to happen to everyone.

this will not be a well-rounded write up. this is pent up aggravation. pure and simple.

another reason discussions always remain at a stalemate in this country is because someone comes along and says "well i didn't see ***** getting pissed back when ****** did ***** to the ******", which turns into two pages of people talking about shit that happened 17 years ago, avoiding the current issue entirely. this came to me as watched a discussion about the occupy movement turn into a libertarian spear-headed debate about Waco and Ruby Ridge (absolute abortions of justice in their own right), where a pissed off humorless one-track-minded libertarian (i'm beginning to wonder if there is any other kind) wanted to steer the hot-button issue back towards his own agenda, which is all anyone can seem to do anymore.

yes... the government does horrible, knee-jerk, misguided attacks on people who subvert from the norm, as do some of these cops and the higher-powers of the Free Market. why should one allow the other? why should anyone have to get attacked if they are not attacking?

on that note;

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Empire has the first official DARK KNIGHT RISES cover photos of BATMAN & BANE!

ps: with the "talkback" of that piece, fanboy criticisms and knee-jerk contrariness have officially fallen into a "HIS NAME IS ROBERT PAULSON" realm of hive-mind.

long story short;

if you think Tom Hardy is wrong for the role of Bane, watch BRONSON. he plays a brute who spends the bulk of his life in prison.... just like Bane.

if you think Anne Hathaway is wrong for Catwoman, watch HAVOC. she plays a sexy-but-intelligent tough girl who fucks around to the dangerpoint. just like Catwoman.

if you think Bane is "too small", take the time to actually OPEN UP A COMIC BOOK and you'll see that when Bane isn't jacked up on Venom, he's roughly the same size as Batman.

if you think Catwoman is a "shitty character"... i don't know what to do with that one. i guess if your only exposure to the character was the Halle Berry movie, i can see why you'd be so damn stupid... other than that i'm at a loss. is it that girls just ruin you're super-hero fantasies? cause i don't know about you... but after 2 Batman films with next to no women, i need some eye-candy. sue me.

"but SHE'S NOT TEH HOTTORZ ENOGUH FOR MEES!!!!". oh sure... that statuesque physique... that flowing brown hair... those full lips that when parted in a room-lighting grin reveal a perfect set of gleaming white teeth... those big dark eyes.... put all that in a form fitting black leather catsuit and you have a recipe for HUUARRRF.

keep in mind.... much of the negativity has been from on-the-set cellphone spy-pics and NOT anything official. the point is moot, though... as we're all going to see this.

and about Bane's look... i really like it. not just being Devil's Advocate, either. i love the cross between gas mask and muzzle. it actually looks like something that serves some sort of purpose beyond being scary-looking. much like Ledger's Joker, it seems like a smoothed out mash-up of all of Bane's looks from comic, television, toy, and video game incarnations of the character.

i dunno.. i'm psyched.

11/22 edit:

some more tidbits (nothing too spoliery) here

i really like the "COME AT ME, BRO!" pic in that article.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Does God Have a Crush on Us? vol. 7

Richard Stanley Penning THE SECRET LIFE OF LORD MUSASHI For Takashi Miike

Titled The Secret Life Of Lord Musashi there is a strong possibility that this is an adaptation of the 1931 novel of the same name by Junichiro Tanazaki, in which the author claims to have discovered secret documents detailing the masochistic sexual preferences of the samurai warrior who wrote the famous book of tactics, strategy and philosophy The Book Of Five Rings.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 196

French Trailer For Maury And Bustillo's LIVID Arrives

really happy to see this is hitting the light of day. some of the reviews have been mixed, but that's bound to happen when you follow up a mammoth like Inside.