Monday, November 21, 2011

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! vol. 64

i'm sure most of the people championing the cops were listening to Rage Against the Machine 15 years ago.

i suddenly want something very bad to happen to everyone.

this will not be a well-rounded write up. this is pent up aggravation. pure and simple.

another reason discussions always remain at a stalemate in this country is because someone comes along and says "well i didn't see ***** getting pissed back when ****** did ***** to the ******", which turns into two pages of people talking about shit that happened 17 years ago, avoiding the current issue entirely. this came to me as watched a discussion about the occupy movement turn into a libertarian spear-headed debate about Waco and Ruby Ridge (absolute abortions of justice in their own right), where a pissed off humorless one-track-minded libertarian (i'm beginning to wonder if there is any other kind) wanted to steer the hot-button issue back towards his own agenda, which is all anyone can seem to do anymore.

yes... the government does horrible, knee-jerk, misguided attacks on people who subvert from the norm, as do some of these cops and the higher-powers of the Free Market. why should one allow the other? why should anyone have to get attacked if they are not attacking?

on that note;

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