Sunday, November 20, 2011


Empire has the first official DARK KNIGHT RISES cover photos of BATMAN & BANE!

ps: with the "talkback" of that piece, fanboy criticisms and knee-jerk contrariness have officially fallen into a "HIS NAME IS ROBERT PAULSON" realm of hive-mind.

long story short;

if you think Tom Hardy is wrong for the role of Bane, watch BRONSON. he plays a brute who spends the bulk of his life in prison.... just like Bane.

if you think Anne Hathaway is wrong for Catwoman, watch HAVOC. she plays a sexy-but-intelligent tough girl who fucks around to the dangerpoint. just like Catwoman.

if you think Bane is "too small", take the time to actually OPEN UP A COMIC BOOK and you'll see that when Bane isn't jacked up on Venom, he's roughly the same size as Batman.

if you think Catwoman is a "shitty character"... i don't know what to do with that one. i guess if your only exposure to the character was the Halle Berry movie, i can see why you'd be so damn stupid... other than that i'm at a loss. is it that girls just ruin you're super-hero fantasies? cause i don't know about you... but after 2 Batman films with next to no women, i need some eye-candy. sue me.

"but SHE'S NOT TEH HOTTORZ ENOGUH FOR MEES!!!!". oh sure... that statuesque physique... that flowing brown hair... those full lips that when parted in a room-lighting grin reveal a perfect set of gleaming white teeth... those big dark eyes.... put all that in a form fitting black leather catsuit and you have a recipe for HUUARRRF.

keep in mind.... much of the negativity has been from on-the-set cellphone spy-pics and NOT anything official. the point is moot, though... as we're all going to see this.

and about Bane's look... i really like it. not just being Devil's Advocate, either. i love the cross between gas mask and muzzle. it actually looks like something that serves some sort of purpose beyond being scary-looking. much like Ledger's Joker, it seems like a smoothed out mash-up of all of Bane's looks from comic, television, toy, and video game incarnations of the character.

i dunno.. i'm psyched.

11/22 edit:

some more tidbits (nothing too spoliery) here

i really like the "COME AT ME, BRO!" pic in that article.

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