Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just Needed to Share vol. 19

playing a show tonight. then maybe some recreational dentistry with a piece of rusty mining equipment, followed by instructing AIDS patients to urinate and blood-let into a small town's water supply... get in one last good "fuck you" before they crinkle into petrified albino vultures... capped off with the severed head glossolalia of American journalists who have run afoul of a violent middle-eastern militia group. It will all be captured on video. 2 copies will be made. one will go to Peter Sotos, the other will go Nick Jr. *COOL TRICKS COOL TRIIIIIICKS!*

hey here's Amanda Palmer dancing to "Umbrella" by Rhianna (aka girl i desperately i want to fuck that i will never ever have a shot at # 454659768738548346567387384763);

I like ms. Palmer, but her "wackiness" is starting to wear a little thin. We get it, you're crazy-cute about dopey pop songs, now go back to dressing like a silent film clown Nazi and play some piano-banging spider-drummed Vaudevillian punk songs about self-mutilation, psychological illness, and playground-cruising old men.

that's more like it.

Just needed to share.

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