Thursday, April 9, 2009

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 76 / Oh God I Can See Forever vol. 1

I liked this better when it was called "PEDO BEAR: The Motion Picture".

"it's so refreshing to see a movie that's not vulgar or violent or inappropriate for the CHIIIILLLLLLDRENNNNNNNNNN".

this is not a movie for children... and certainly not a movie for "the whole family". it's for boring, simple housewives who think they know what's good for everyone else... the kind of anti-film degenerates who celebrate empty sentiment as a triumph and decry thoughtful confrontation as an enemy of "the family". That's what they really mean when they say "family friendly entertainment". Dads don't watch this crap, and kids only watch it cause they're either too young to know any better or have any real control over what they want to watch. It's for the aimless housewives who have no real control over themselves or their lives, so they seek to impose a similar strain of conformity on their children, your children, everyone's children. "Family" is a friendly word for "Censorship".

These are the people i'm going to meet in Hell. this is more profoundly disturbing than any horror splatter torture gore porn film ever produced from even the most desperate parts of the globe. The music in the trailer is what i imagine the collective death rattle of an untold number of sexually maimed children's souls would sound like, their lifeless eyes stitched shut, the inside lids fitted with acid dripping TV Screens that forever beam the grotesque grinning visage of a contemptuous life-size teddy bear straight into their smudged skulls, where the picture springs to flesh and blood and runs its filed talons in the creases of their brains, sporadically jamming them into the pleasure zones, so they are taught that the skinless nightmare wracking their spirits is actually something life affirming, something uplifting, something they've been wrong for avoiding. The screaming molested are now reborn into an incurably infectious Pavlovian litter, who are now in complete and utter control of the uninitiated. Teeth grow over their lips, poisoned millipedes live in their cremation-salted scalps, ink-spitting octopuses replace their hands, and always spring loaded in their shadows is a 6-foot Teddy Bear, its face frozen in bland deadlight.

GOOBY? more like ZALGO.

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