Sunday, October 18, 2009

They Don't Have a Name for It vol. 4

Last night while watching the piece of shit SAW movies on Sci-Fi (i refuse to call that channel "SyFy". fuck man, have some dignity, eh?), i started writing in longhand a rough draft of a screenplay for my own slasher/torture movie. The tentative title was HEAD GEAR. now it's called A NEED TO EXPLAIN (a quote from one of the Lake/Ng tapes). it started out as a fake trailer that i wrote, and it germinated into this. Basically i wanted to boil down all the best shit about Slasher/Torture films; namely the blood, rape, tits, and those random moments of surreal black humor that are all to rare in today's bland horror scene, and ignore the BS; namely stupid teenager crap, sympathetic back stories, and the general studio-mandated bullshit that is put in there in a cynical attempt to "connect" with the audience. I wrote out about 10 pages, and have 4 pages worth of material in the mock-trailer to incorporate into it. Not to toot my horn, but it's some fun, sick shit. I need to start networking.

Today my favorite band is AOSOTH

Ritualistic French Black Metal featuring the brilliant MkM from the mighty ANTAEUS, every bit as intense and blistering as they are.

some YouTube of the one tow punch of "Aura of Pills 1 & 2";

and the Pornstar D'Jour is the lusciously dominant MIKA TAN

... appearing at the Bunny Ranch. so yeah... i should really start playing the lottery.

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