Thursday, August 9, 2012

Casting Couch.

i've been thinking about the long gestating Hellraiser remake. the project seems cursed. don't feel like getting into it here.

i adore the first film and the novella Hellbound Heart on which it is based. strangely enough, i'm not opposed to a remake, cause there's a lot in the book that could be incorporated into a new film. sometimes i do fantasy casting, and i'm bored, so i'm doing that now.

for Rory aka Larry:

Chris O'Dowd

he's best known for Bridesmaids, but his work on the HBO show Girls shows that he can play up the loveable-but-vanilla type with a hint of desperate menace that will be unleashed once his skin is occupied by his sadistically hedonistic brother Frank.

speaking of which,

for brother Frank;

Michael Fassbender

cause he looks like the kind of guy who could get away with making his rape victim fall in love with him. speaking of which.

for Julia;

Natalia Tena

she rocks the shit on Game of Thrones as a Wilding with a heart and a mind, never-mind possessing a unique dark beauty that seems tailor-made for this sort of story.

now the tricky part.

 for young Kirsty (i'm keeping it Kirsty as in Larry's daughter because it adds an air of incest to Frank's advances no to mention more trauma when Larry is murdered)

i guess you'd have to go with an unknown, cause i can't think of anyone. she'd have to be pretty young, since the other actors are only in their thirties, but that would add a nice layer of pedophilia to the perversity.

now the fun part; the Cenobites;

i figured a lot of these characters would be stunt people in heavy FX, but for the two speaking cenobites

for the Female Cenobite

Kate Mara

so damn weird. so damn angry. so damn fffffffff. as Hayden on American Horror Story she almost stole the show. really though, i just wanna see her recreate the end of Hellbound Heart's first chapter.

and last but not least;

for Pinhead;

Ray McKinnon

this took me a while, but McKinnon can pull off the playful other-worldliness necessary to play the film's most iconic character. see his recent run as Potter on Sons of Anarchy. 

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