Thursday, January 23, 2014


Last Alan Moore Interview?


covers A LOT of ground here, the most telling of all being what could be considered the final word on the overvalued bibliography of Grant Morrison, a writer who has nothing going for him but the premises he steals from Moore, which he proceeds to sheathe in empty gimmickry and semi-ironic Silver Age callbacks, playing on the misguided nostalgia of challenge-phobic DC/Marvel zombies, offering not a fresh take or a researched examination of whatever mostly forgotten relics he collected from the four-color mothballs. Arkham Asylum was the one thing he had, and that's only because of Dave McKean's brilliant art and because Morrison hadn't yet fully received the clout to just do whatever the hell he wanted, so his uncoordinated weird-for-weird's sake early drafts (which included an even more homophobic iteration of the Joker, complete with a big mohawk and an early 80s Madonna fashion sense) being filtered  through editors and McKean himself.

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