Sunday, June 12, 2016

Negation Aspiration vol. 23

My son Adam Young is dead. He was found this morning by Caroline, hung by the neck in his basement. After we had been there last night until 3 am in the morning while she beat herself in the face and head and she shaved her head and screamed and yelled all while being video taped to show the world that he wasn’t abusing her that she was abusing herself. He was found not guilty of the crimes against him if any of you really care. He was innocent and many of you turned your backs on him and believed the lies that were spun by the same person who pushed him to his death. He is no more! His daughter has no father. I have no child. Because he loved someone and tried to help her and he suffered the ultimate price. His life was snuffed out in one swift move. May God show mercy.

Father/Daughter Metal Band SOCKWEB’s Adam Young Commits Suicide After Reports Of Alleged Abuse

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