Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Negation Aspiration vol. 56

This is Lynch the experimental filmmaker — the filmmaker Lynch has always been. We were reminded of this Sunday night via two hours of sumptuously photographed, obtuse, patience-taxing, and sometimes demonically horrifying imagery that I’ll bet single-handedly destroyed the nostalgic goodwill that had accrued since the show was announced. Some may have tuned into this thing expecting coffee and donuts and pie and sexy young people dancing in front of jukeboxes and riding motorcycles through the woods and eccentric character actors bantering, plus the occasional dream or nightmare or a bit of nonsensical plotting. Instead, they got two hours of Lynch’s 2002 short film series Rabbits. “Running swollen blue feet. Tearing. Scraping. Black. Old. Blood. Yellow. Saliva,” proclaims the humanoid rabbit patriarch, reciting poetry in a sitcom living room.

Twin Peaks: The Return Is Riveting, Horrifying, and Patience-Taxing

everything it needed to be and nothing it was expected to be; exactly how i want Lynch to roll. 

been sitting with my thoughts on this lysergic nightmare parasite loop that was beamed directly into my living quarters 2 nights ago. the only thing that i keep coming back to is after watching the 2hr premiere, i attempted to watch American Gods and was couldn't help but think... "man... this is some kindergarten shit right here", 

think about how many shows have been heralded as "the next Twin Peaks". typically they amount to little more than slightly high-concept soap operas that occasionally dip their toes in cinematic surrealism (usually resigned to dream sequences that are to be prodded and dissected by the audiences and writers until their power is drained). 

for Twin Peaks to work 25 years after the fact, it couldn't just be another in a long line of attempts to recreate that certain special something; it had to do what it previously did, which is reinvent the landscape of its respective medium. it couldn't just be an Art Damaged Force Awakens; corporate-funded fan fiction chasing after feelings and dollars, it had to be something fresh and unexpected; just like it was when it premiered in 1990. 

and there's still 16 episodes to go. 

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