Monday, October 9, 2017


the first 6 pages of DC Comics DOOMSDAY CLOCK

if you're unaware (and if you are, than i am truly envious), DOOMSDAY CLOCK is DC Comics dementedly absurd, obliviously vindictive attempt to drain more blood from the scabbed over gutters of a finite story that is 30 years beyond its conclusion.

a move both bottomless in its cynicism and labyrinthine in its desperation, DC is tying Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons seminal Watchmen into their already corpulent mainstream superhero multiverse, which has long since swapped out the imaginative speculation of its late 20th century inception for the stay-the-course brand synergy associated with any number of franchised mediocrities pocking the culture of this new century like holographic tombstones.

it's become amusing watching this Goliath of the industry fall flat on its face every time its attempted to spin Moore and Gibbons work into yet another overmarketed corporate product line, but it's also frustrating to see them swallow up all the attentive energies that could be directed toward something new and fresh.

check out Black Mask Studios or something. they got a book called Gravetrancers coming out that looks pretty nifty. or Avatar Press, who put our NEW works from Alan Moore that equal (and perhaps even eclipse) the work he's done for DC. even Image Comics has evolved leaps and bounds beyond where they were 25 years ago.

get over Marvel and DC brands aighty.

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