Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Negation Aspiration vol. 79

B.C. fish processors spewing potentially dangerous bloodwater into key salmon migration corridor

In the video, large clouds of red liquid spew from the pipe directly onto the ocean floor, 30 metres under the surface. Sea urchins rest around the pipe, while the water around them shimmers with discarded fish scales and blobs of waste.-Morton told CTV News that she found living intestinal worms in the samples. In addition, the college says it found Piscine reovirus, or PRV, a virus that was first detected in Canada in 2011 and that is now commonly found in farmed salmon. In some salmon, PRV causes no problems. In others, it is linked to HSMI, or heart and skeletal muscle inflammation, a potentially fatal condition that causes heart lesions and organ hemorrhaging.

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