Friday, April 6, 2018

Awww Yeah vol. 80

Allison Mack now leading NXIVM branded sex slaves; slaves still on 24 hour ‘readiness’ under former Smallville actress

Ever since alleged cult leader Keith Raniere was arrested in Mexico last week, speculation has circulated about if or when Smallville actress Allison Mack will also be arrested for her role in allegedly recruiting women who were branded, blackmailed, near-starved, and treated as personal slaves.....Despite her wholesome TV image, Allison Mack is believed to have helped establish the so-called criminal organization that branded dozens of members’ skin with a cryptic-looking symbol that appears to be a combination of Mack and Raniere’s initials. So far, much of the media spotlight has focused on this surprising “Hollywood connection” to Raniere, but few have considered many associated actresses’ deep Vancouver roots.....According to Parlato and an interview Mack did with Fine magazine, Raniere advised Mack to leave television and try stage acting soon after. She and Raniere went on to develop a $10,000 [$7,813 USD] Nxivm course on acting called The Source. Though unpopular and prohibitively expensive for most struggling actors, Parlato says young women who tended to fit Raniere’s ideal body type would sometimes get a free pass....Though her acting career has since fizzled, Mack has remained loyal to Raniere and was with him in Mexico when he was arrested last Monday on sex trafficking charges, according to a short video taken by Nicki Clyne. Voicemail messages left with Mack and Clyne were not returned by press time.

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