Monday, June 11, 2018

Negation Aspiration vol. 111

June 2018

Man found in soiled nappy and weighing just six stone left to ‘rot to death’

Jordan Burling, 18, was found dead on a filthy inflatable mattress wearing a soiled nappy – close to where the decomposed body of his baby brother was discovered in a rucksack.

His mum Dawn Cranston, 45, “didn’t seem bothered” as medics performed CPR on him and told a 999 operator it was “a blessing” he was unresponsive so she could skip work, jurors heard today.

The teen died after becoming riddled with infected sores and being “allowed to decay” for weeks at his home in Leeds.

When cops were scrambled, they found the body of Dawn Cranston’s full-term newborn baby stuffed into a rucksack in the same room.

Jordan had suffered pressure sores as a result of barely moving which were infected leaving his bones exposed in places.

The court heard the dead baby had grown to full term in the womb but it could not be established if he was born dead or alive.

Mr Lumley added: “Within what would have been Jordan’s bedroom, officers found a small rucksack, within which were plastic bags inside plastic bags.

“As the police handled the rucksack, a rancid smelling liquid began to seep from the layers of bags.

“Amongst the liquid were tiny bones, all that remained of a baby boy.”

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