Sunday, July 1, 2007

I Dunno, Just a Thought Vol. 10

NP: Radiohead - Airbag

ego bruises easily. the only true protection from the inevitable barbs of the world is to thicken skin.

consider yourself lucky that's the dawn of hardcore is over. you would've been stomped into a light brown mud puddle, rippling with even the most gentle gust of wind. they would hate you forever.

The Articles of Faith.
the Minor Threats.
the Black Flags.
the Voids.
even the Whipping Boys.

you'd be a lot more than crying. you would have no internet to hide cybertronian mask... disguised as a robot in disguise.

no message board irony.
no messenger bag futures.
no Williamsburg condescension.

just the feeling of weightlessness as your in even more over your head.

open your mouth and shut the fuck up.

i dunno.... just a thought.

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