Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Dunno, Just a Thought vol. 19

NP: The Cure - Fascination Street

Skin wears what the body hides.

It's coming down still. all at once. from the mundane (and ultimately meaningless) to the kind of catastrophe that reduces bones to gore-caked rubble at the feet of a sunspot-yellow demon...its bellowing laughter heavy enough to thicken the air until it's warm and razor-sharp and sheering the flesh of all those within ear shot of its malevolence, adding more dusted skeletons to his thrown.

bad poetry aside...it has been a rough week/week and half. not so much for me, but for my band mates, my girlfriend, my mother and father, other relatives....it just doesn't pay to be one of the "circle" i suppose. I've never been very good at keeping girls... or friends.... or close acquaintances... or casual sympathizers.... or non-specific well wishers.... or anyone really. now that it seems like i finally have all these things together, a potato-sack full of diarrhea is tossed into a giant industrial strength celling fan and we all get butt-sprayed in butt-spray. i don't wanna lose any of these people...but i do understand if they somehow put two-and-two together and deduce that I'm somehow at the nexus of all their problems, thus casting me into the ass-grease stained blades so at least the smell will be the celebratory metallic odor of blood and viscera, which might be marginally less offensive than the stench of shit and misery currently wafting through their personal airspace.

all i can do is alternate between promises of "it could've been worse" and "it can't get any worse".... knowing full well that neither one of them is remotely true.

i'm not giving in, though. too stubborn. too tired. too ready to fight. too much to say and feel and experience...and a lot of other things that make all this pain and soreness worth enduring. it may have taken me close to a quarter century, but i've finally got my "clique".

Love you all...but mostly just you (*wink*)... but you're all good.

the rest of you can get fucked, cause we're not going to die and you're only going to die.

I dunno... just a thought.

NP: Free - Alright Now

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