Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Brainmares Vol. 1

some dream fragments;

- my brother, my father, some old friends from the neighborhood, their parents, and I participate in one of those Toys R Us shopping sprees. my brother and I are a team and our cart is packed to the brim with Batman and Wrestling action figures.

- Watch a movie where a muscular dude with a spiky blond mullet fucks a Penelope Ann Miller-type on a table top. she's wearing a black bra and matching lace panties. at some point the dude sneaks a rather large jackhammer behind P.A.M. and does her with the jackhammer. at first we and her have no idea what's going on...the lighting is very dark...but there is an aura of menace permeating. the dude looks blank. at some point he turns on the jack-hammer...at a low speed. P.A.M. doesn't scream...she is too confused and horrified and perhaps mad with enjoyment. eventually things gets a little rougher and louder. she eventually falls off the table and the dude is standing there with the jackhammer, witch is coated in blood. She lives, but is nearly catatonic.

- Go to a fashion show that's being held in a crawlspace in my old elementary school. I'm there with *****. she tells me she wants to be with me. one of her friends is one of the models...the first one. the friend looks like Shannyn Sossaman from Rules of Attraction. anyway i tell ***** that i'm with someone else. Later i run into ******* ******, who i had a crush on my senior year of high school. she tells me the same thing ***** told me. ******** looks amazing, with long brown hair falling around our faces once she gets close...i feel like i'm falling into her face at that point. i entertain the notion of being in two relationships before waking up.

think that's it.

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