Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just Needed to Share vol .17

been following this story. on a Greyhound bus in Cananda, a 22 year old man was stabbed by a man almost 18 years older than him. The 40 year old stabbed the 22 year old in the neck so many times that the 22 year old's head fell off. The passengers all ran off the bus...horrified at the human set piece taking place before the cameras in their skulls. The 40 year old picked up the 22 year old's head, showing it to the passengers like a trophy, than dropping it to the floor, as if the trophy cheapened the moment. He than took a pair of scissors and began cutting off chunks of the 22 year old's flesh. He than proceeded to eat the skin and muscle. right there on a crowded bus. No one...not even the passengers sitting in front of the victim... stood up to the attacker. Amazing how one knife and one pair of scissors can bring a bus full of people to their fear-quaked knees.

The moral of the story is this... every "bad day" i've ever had, means nothing... until my head gets cut off and my lifeless carcass is than cannibalized as NOT ONE PERSON STOPS TO HELP ME OUT. and that goes for the rest of you. Spare me your dramas. "someone scuffed the paint on my car!" "i don't have enough money for a blu-ray player!" "Soul Caliber 4 is nowhere near as good as Soul Caliber 2!" "I din't get 8 hours of sleep!" "This cheeseburger makes me look FAT!" "the new Metallica is going to suck!"

pffff to the ffffft.

see i've come to this realization; i don't give a shit.

simple, eh?

say it with me; I DON'T GIVE A SHIT.

Unless you killed someone or drowned a potato sack of kittens in a polluted river, you're in no real trouble. Unless your person has been irreversibly mutilated by a vehicle crash or rabid AIDs infected mutts, you'll always be okay looking.

so just...relax. relax or do something about your "situation" other than the whining and the pissing. All you're getting with those is a sore throat and dehydration. Wake up and make the fucking change. if not, than stop complaining, cause it could be worse... you could be decapitated an eaten before a live audience.

Just needed to share.

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