Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just Needed to Share vol. 22

jesus CHRIST I hate the Who. VH1 classic has some Who documentary on right now. Music for depressing wannabe hooligan retards who like to hug other men and cry. Pete Townsend is a pedophile asshole, Roger Daltrey looks like an swollen wood nymph, and together they form one of the most insufferably self-important rock duos of all time.

so Royal Video, the video store a few blocks from my house that we've been renting and buying movies from for as long as i can remember, closed its doors forever this week. Couldn't make the rent.

It's a bummer. I remember being 10 years old, chin saliva lobbed as i gazed at this bewitching image cut out of cardboard;

I remember losing myself in the horror movie and pro wrestling aisles, renting old WWF PPVs i missed and Classic Slasher films i wasn't allowed to watch until i was 12, spending the weekend basked in the blue lights of choreographed carnage. I remember hovering around the curtain that separated the porn from the rest of the store, waiting for the desperately-seeking-discretion males to peel the curtain back so i could catch just a glimpse of the sweat beaded breasts and luscious o-faces adorning the over-sized boxes.

Royal Video is where i cut my teeth as a film viewer. In the last 4 years i've picked up almost 30 VHS from them, as they've been on sale for a dollar each. Whenever i went for a walk, i always made a stop at Royal, seeing if they unearthed anymore gems such as Hardware, Angel Heart, Dead Ringers, Shadow of the Vampire, the Pillow Book, In the Mouth of Madness, Girl Fight, Comic Book Villains, Toxic Avenger Part 2, Swimming with Sharks, and others from their VHS inventory. It was one of the few real movie places around here. Sorry to see it go.

R.I.P. Royal Video.

just needed to share.

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