Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just Needed to Share vol. 23

This was my favorite video when i was 13 years old;

I wasn't that in love with the band or the song ("Milk" is a way cooler tune), but there was something about Shirley Manson (especially in this video) that really captivated me. It wasn't a sexual attraction... she just seemed like a cool chick... like the older sister i always wanted. Someone who would've introduced me to 4AD bands at a much more impressionable age. Someone who would've had her hot weird girlfriends over for slumber parties, where i could press my ear to the door and swoon over their clove-husky sardonic put-downs of everyone who gave them shit for being so different.

Girls like that didn't exist in my school. The "freaks" were all just as grotesquely trendy and obnoxious as the people they claimed to hate. They enjoyed flavor-of-the-month crap rock and drinking light beer. They were bland grunge hold-outs and lightweight necro-posers. If you mentioned SWANS or Le Fleurs Du Mal they'd stare at you blankly before resuming to their Marilyn Manson albums and tired Willy Wonka references. needless to say I was pretty much left to my own devices.

Just Needed to Share.

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