Monday, August 10, 2009

Fuck My Life vol. the 13th part 897,456,768,920: Jason Knows all there is to know about the Crying Game

...... so Katy Perry.....

......... fu...... fu....... *******

i may have just thrown my back out from screaming the loudest orgasm scream i have ever screamed. The kind that's like a cheese grater on my vocal cords.

It's unfair that a body and face this beautiful harbors such a lack of talent or personality. but lets forget about her abysmal music and her bi-curious posturing.

cause.... well.... fucking LOOK AT HER.

i can't even string together a series of erotically grotesque vulgarities that could possibly describe what kind of catastrophic fuck down i would lay on this woman's tantalizing form. i would suckle at Lady Gaga's dead-nerve ridden cock-nub if it meant Katy Perry would breath on my crotch for but a few seconds. I would tongue-kiss Courtney Love's cigarette-yellowed taint after she died of amoebic dysentery and her large intestine was dangling from her disease-ruptured asshole, teabagging my forehead as i lap hungrily, if it meant Katy Perry would run her fingers up and down my thighs while flicking her tongue at my DNA envenomed fuckstick, wearing this;

looking up at me with eyes that would incite a thousand Donald Pleasance monologues. I'm so turned on that i am physically angry. This photo revs me up so much that my brain is now little more than a viscera-tornado of pure concentrated Id. It's like GG Allin's last performance mixed with Crispin Glover on Letterman crossed with every onset altercation between Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski blended with a whip-cream clad Wendy O Williams driving a flaming car into a polluted river stirred with all the plot twists from the final season of Oz spliced with outtakes from Bjork's Stalker's suicide video jumbled with the combined frustration and disappointment of everyone who ever said to themselves "hmmm Metallica's last 6 records were complete shit, but i'll bet they deliver with this one", all of it thrashed against a universe-dividing wall of perpetually multiplying anti-matter, splitting the fabric of space and time into immeasurable dividens of fluttering cosmic slivers that cut new holes into the once cryptocratic white noise made flesh that lurked beneath the veil of what we though was undeniable reality, now sucking itself inside-out-inside-out-inside in a never ending mockery of our primitive digestive process. We watch clones of ourselves age before our very eyes before we find ourselves encased in the body of the body closest to death. bed-ridden.... broaching the unknown forever.... we look up, and one image looms over us. One Sight. One Truth. It is simultaneously the first and the last. Attainable and Unattainable. Good and Evil. Everything and Nothing. We reach for it and



fuck my life.

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