Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They Don't Have a Name for It vol. 2

doing guest vocals for DISASSOCIATE a week from Sunday. should be fun. just one or two songs.

started writing a new song called "THE INVALIDIST". the lyrics are about a person who has been hollowed out by their significant other, their gutted husk then wrapped around the body of the person the S.O. always wanted instead of them. like HELLRAISER. not sure if i'm getting that right. trying to put this to words is a true challenge. i had an easier time writing about bug chasing a week ago.

feel like my skeleton has dowsed in the molten wrought iron of melted anvils, than cooled. too heavy to move, but if i could move i would level all the walls.

going to watch Nekromantik 2.

okay... watched it. wasn't that hot really. the ending was good, but it felt ultimately pointless; a retread of the first film without anything that made it so morosely charming. the ending was good. i do like that he didn't make it a totally transparent clone of the first film (although some of the beats mirror the predecessor). it's not bad (especially as far as sequels go), it just felt sort of uneventful. first movie had the better soundtrack, too.

listening to a bunch of BONE AWL stuff. so far my favorite is the By Ropes Through Dirt release. they have a song on it called "Pentagram Clitoris", which might be my favorite song title i wish i came up with. a lot of their song titles/lyrics are really cool and interesting... a nice break from the usual nonsense lo-fi black metal bands write about. "Noise of Bears Killing", "Circles of Hair", "White with Sepulchres", "Quiet Torture of Words in a Head", "Tollund Man", "Gunpowder Musk". always awesome to see bands pull out the stops in the song title/lyrics department. too few bands treat it as an after thought, or they try to hard to be shocking/clever/poetic/silly. Bums me out. i do my best.

speaking of BONE AWL, here's a link to their set at Disgraceland in Philly.

and why not some youtube?

my entire abdominal region has been aching for a couple of days. can't explain it. wouldn't care to any way. finally cooled down. sitting here with the window open. maybe i should eat something. Hurricane is supposed to hit this weekend.

Fuck summer.

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