Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 139

MmmmmmIcro Reviews;


Shinya Tsukamoto's surrealist allegory on the battle between machine and man comes to a close here. Seeing this in a theater is a must. Much like the previous 2 films, it is a total visual/audio assault on the senses. though it shares many stylistic and thematic tones of its predecessors, part 3 doesn't quite match the first in terms of transgressive sexual violence, and the revenge plot lacks the nightmarish overtones of the second film's more story-driven premise... but overall it is a film made with all the same hand made passion and engrossing integrity that has secured Tsukamoto spot as the quintessential modern genre filmmaker.

SOCIETY - 8.5/10 :

the Aristocrats! Re-Animator producer Brian Yunza's seldom seen directorial debut is a Bret Easton Ellis class warfare satire fed through a David Cronenberg body horror grinder. Trading in Lovercraftian menace for Salvador Dali inspired caricatures, the monsters created by Screaming Mad George reveal the the society to be the revolting hedonistic pigs they are underneath.

THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART 2 - dog flashback / ...dog flashback

A dog has a flashback. then the dog has a flashback to when the dog had a flashback about the time the dog had a flashback. but it's cool, cause the dog had a flashback.
oh and spoiler alert: the dog has a flashback.


there is just so many amazing things about this film that i refuse to let you know what they are. all i can say is that during several scenes of this beautiful thing, i almost broke out into this song, inching up to the TV ala James Woods in Videodrome and looking directly into this film's eyes as i passionately dedicate every word and note to its splendor.

GRACE - 8/10:

A cool casually misanthropic little sleeping creeper of a movie. Jordan Ladd is still adorable. why, she almost makes me wanna break into this song.

MAID DROID - tee/hee :

tee hee hee hee.

SHEITAN - 9/10:

one long glorious What-The-Fuck, complete with gorgeous french babes and bug fucked blasephemy, all served up with a sadistic, gory grin.. mostly fixed on the face of star Vincent Cassel. then again.. if you were like him, namely waking up every morning to;

you'd probably make faces like this all day;

INVASION U.S.A. - shit blowing up/blowing up shit:

an army of Slavic (i guess) super villains wage war on Christmas and Shopping malls with bazookas, machine guns, and bazookas until Chuck Norris kills them with bazookas, karate, and bazookas. worth it for this scene alone;

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