Wednesday, November 3, 2010

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! vol. 50

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since i can already here the bad winner chorus of "NANANA NANAANAAAA!" with regards to the elections, the video above warms my heart like no other.

side note; i woke up today in the same house, with the same job, all my belongings in place, my loved ones still present, my departed loved ones not risen from the grave. everything was as it should be, not better or worse. so until i either wake up on fire or walk out my door to find and perpetually aroused Oliva Wilde clad in a tight black-and-white striped dress holding bulging sacks with $ signs on them, i will continue to take political party "upheavals" such as this with a grain of salt.

and please, don't forget to cry about it when things don't instantly go your way, revealing the fallacy of your prophets.

praise God and hate on some queers. we'll be havin' Double Downs tonight!

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emanonguy said...

Seriously. The fact that people get off on this shit is part of what keeps me up at night. Just watching Return To The War Room was enough to kill off any hope I had of real change.