Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brainmares vol. 15

working on a script/storyboard for a SPIDER-MAN graphic novel/possible film. It opens with a dream sequence involving Peter Parker in the shower while a pregnant Gwen Stacy sleeps. there is a flash of Felicia Hardy in the shower with Parker, fondling him. Suddenly, Hardy turns into Green Goblin on his glider, in which he proceeded to kick Parker's ass (it should be noted that Parker's body is tattooed with the webbing of his costume, with trickles of blood dripping from the inline). Parker runs back into the room where Gwen is sleeping and slams the door. He turns around and finds Venom hunched over Gwen. her belly as been ripped open and Venom is eating her baby, fondling her intestines as he dines. that's about as much as we got, but the plan was that this would lead to a re-imagining of Carnage, in which the symbiote is injected directly into Cletus Cassidy's system rather then attached externally, slowly transforming him ala Cronenberg's the Fly.

so yeah... i'm a 12 year old.

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