Friday, May 6, 2011

NERRRRRRRRRRD!!!!! vol. 32

THOR - 8.5/10

Marvel continues to translate their near 50 years of cannon to the big screen with Kenneth Brannagh's THOR, a more-than-acceptable addition to the other lead-ins to next summer event film AVENGERS.

Unlike last summer's IRON MAN 2, THOR doesn't feel like a place holder, nor does it lean on the existence of prior/upcoming films for its own strength. it's epic, colorful, tastefully paced, well-acted, and treats the characters (which are a touch more regal and pompous than other Avengers) with dignity and respect. Oh, there are Easter eggs (SPOILER HIDDEN); the brief but bad-ass debut of Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye and a post credit sequence involving the Cosmic Cube but they are little treats rather than 10lbs of re-fried chicken skins in a 5lb greasy bag. The focus is entirely on developing the main characters (Thor and Loki). by film's end, they are both changed, and it's refreshing to see especially a villain with this many dimensions.

Sure, Loki is the grand daddy of all pathological liars, but he's not some cackling helium voiced vulture faced caricature of an arch-enemy. True to his nature, Loki's motives are never truly revealed to those around him or the audience. Though Loki doesn't seem to enjoy doing the things he does, he does not entirely reject them, either. He's just doing what he is meant to do as the God of Mischief; create chaos. INVISIBLE SPOILER: and if the post-credit scene is any indication, Loki may have gleefully come to terms with his deviousness, making him all the more deadly.

I don't feel like re-hashing the plot, just go see it, geek out over Tandabou Asano's big budget debut, swoon over Kat Dennings' sardonicy sardinicous sardony (what it is with me and milk-white chocolate haired blank-voiced jewish girls i'll never know), flash the horns at the mother fucking DESTROYER, and enjoy.

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