Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not That I'm Bitter or Anything vol. 12

over at Logica Incubo Gola Cazzo i've been doing sort of a spring cleaning/full body shedding of much of the lyrics I've written since 2007. i was able to distill over 100 songs into 20. feel sort of accomplished. maybe now i can move on to new ways to say "girls make me nervous". you're not interested in that stuff anyway.

also been dieting. not sure if i look better, but i don't feel quite like i've been gang raped by C.H.U.Ds. anymore, so that's something positive... unless you like getting gang raped by C.H.U.Ds, in which case i wouldn't recommend it.

i wanna have choreographed knife/gun fights to this song. or if you prefer the Clueless-of-its-Irony video, here you are.

recent musical discoveries that i should've been listening to a long time ago;


if could write music, it would sound like a mix of the two. be grateful.

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