Saturday, September 3, 2011

bring on the coats

so yeah... hasn't been a very productive summer 'round these parts. a long, miserable season that just doesn't seem to want to let the fuck go.

it's been one of a lot of stuff, though. reading a ton, watching a bunch, and listening to a lot. some stellar DVD releases (mostly from IFC) that i didn't feel like writing up, because it seems like every asshole with an internet connection and a Netflix account is a needlessly opinionated cinephilic jerk-off who can't help themselves but to tear apart every little thing they see as if it were a cotton candy autopsy. i don't have much of a desire anymore to lurk among those ranks. make up your own minds.

that doesn't mean i won't share my favorites of the summer, though;

MOVIES: Hobo with a Shotgun, Super, We Are What We Are, Coldfish, American: the Bill Hicks Story, Red White and Blue, Dream Home, the Image, Tetsuo: the Bullet Man

MUSIC: AOSOTH - III, AUTOPSY - Macabre Eternal, PRURIENT - Bermuda Drain, THE JOY FORMIDABLE - the Big Roar, NICOLE 12 - Black Line, SEWER GODDESS - Disciples of Shit, DRAINLAND - And So Our Troubles Began, THE MEN - Leave Home, EXHUMED - All Guts N Glory, WORMROT - Dirge

BOOKS: The Art of Cruelty by Maggie Nelson, Sky Burial by Dana Levin, Hogg by Samuel R. Delaney, the Eyes by Jesus Aldapuerta, Altman's Tongue by Brian Everson

i realize some of these weren't released this year (3/5 of the books), but these are what made my summer bearable.

as far as "dating", well i've mostly been ignored, promising-start-followed-by-being-ignored, and outright rejected. business as usual i suppose. still the big ball of confusion and insecurity that it always was.

didn't play out as much this summer, but the shows we did play were pretty awesome, getting to play with fucking monsters like THE KILL, CASTEVET, SETE STAR SEPT, NOISEAR. would've liked to get more done (mostly the recording), but with vacations, bad weather, dying automobiles, and so forth, it's been a hard piss trying to get it together, but it's not a huge deal... we all stay in touch, practice on our own, etc... and knowing that it's always on our minds is something to be satisfied with. so no real complaints there.

but yeah... bring on the coats.

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Aaron said...

We Are What We Are is excellent... probably my favorite horror movie so far this year... I think. That'll probably change once Human Centipede 2 comes out.