Sunday, September 11, 2011

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! Omniubus

so yeah, it's September 11th. i hear the sales are going to be AMAZING.

i mulled over what exactly to post here today, so i decided to just do a near-complete omnibus of all the USA!USA! posts from over the years. take a look at what exactly we believe;

pffff... homelessness is sooooooooo 4 years ago
as if you needed further evidence that Morgan Spurlock's need for attention is suicidal
remember Krispy Kreme?
falsifying the loss of your father? perrty kewl!
anything to make the world more resemble a John Waters film
what we're fighting for
i'm not your buddaye, gui
why so $eriou$?
throwing my votes away on Mayor McCheese
we love failure when its pretty and pretends it'll fuck us if we give it what it wants
you heard it here, gang... hamburgers are good for you
still waiting for my two dollars
if you want women, you must prepare for porn
i wahnt tuh hear ya screem
kind of a big deal
pretty sure i was fighting with my girlfriend when i wrote this
Keep the "Trampled to Death over toys" in "Christmas"
kick a young republican for your country
"MISS ME YET?" ..... Nope.
you're putting balls on your face
still better than Mayo
cause "making a statement" is less strenuous than looking for work
and setting rich people on fire is illegal WHY?
it's only anti-feminist if you're making fun of a cute republican
hope those Evanescence mp3 were worth it
like that part in Hostel, only about a milkshake.... and not sexy
so many Rights, you'll be begging for a Left
United States of Naughty America
you heard it here first....
how dare you try and make me not die!?
a song so shmaltzily patriotic it makes "Where Were You When the World Stop Turning" sound like a pro-abortion slam poem from a bisexual transgendered Muslim communist
cause when you say "messianic" they think Chuck Norris being sensually tortured by oily yellow people
someone owes Alejandro Jodorwsky 2 dollars for this one
hope those Crossfade MP3s were worth it
Barack Obama IV: The Quest for Peace
from the Mengle Buffet
needs more needsmore
just keeping it real, Tatum O'Neil!
teach your children not watch people who tell you not to watch porn
Eew World Order
i declare this meeting of the midnight society crazy
KKK took my party away
you've already handicapped the sales in your desired demographic by calling it a "book"
belief we can change in
how that ""hopey changy"hopey changy" thing werkin owt?
life begins at the preservative-filled mayonnaise jar
opera box at the end of the world
don't retreat; RETARD!
real 'mericans go for the cheese (figuratively and literally)
what Black Sabbath is to metalheads, this is to tea-baggers
get a free sub with any purchase of 1 dead terrorist. chips and drink extra 2.50.
the redundancy of the phrase "honor rape"
we are we are the youth of the something something

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