Monday, September 14, 2009

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! vol. 34

pictures from 9/12 protest against our SOCIALIST AFRIKENYAN NAZI-HITLER SECRET JOKER-BORG persuhdant by the collected braintrust of Glen Becks' fanbase.

normally i try not get too political. i try to be moderate... but this lunacy is just too much to not comment on.

Keep this in mind; I'm NOT attacking conservatives/republicans. I'm laughing at lame protesters. I did the same shit when Bush was president and loony "liberals"started up with the silly monkey cartoons and equating him to Hitler, because that too was a baseless, lazy analogy with no real meaning/intention other than to illicit a purely visceral reaction to/for an essentially vague "cause".

this though is WAAAAAAAAY funnier, simply because the current protest basically makes no sense. at least the pretend-hippies had something a little more concrete to protest, namely the Iraq War... but what exactly are these brave new idiots rallying against? Healthcare? Something that if applied correctly can benefit the fucking HEALTH of the nation? please enlighten me, cause i'm genuinely interested in knowing just what the hell it is these loudmouths are railing against.

and PLEASE... do it without the attitude, OK? just calmly, rationally explain your position, and i'll be more than obliged to let you put said position to voice. No slogans, no bad jokes, no racial epithets, no "well look at what the Lefties did!" my-dog's-better-than-your-dog contrariness, no declarations of Obama being some sort of Extraterrestrial Facio-Anarchist Super Shredder whose going to rape your daughter, make her get an abortion, than eat the abortion while blackening your Grandma's bones with his Great Muta-like abortion Mist, just ACT LIKE A FUCKING ADULT.


emanonguy said...

Getting political is pointless now. I think it has been for a while, like when you could make a serious difference. But the change needed in humanity, not just some redneck-versus-eurotrash/uhmerikka-versus-"those faggy Europeans/French", is a staggering and crushing defeat to the humanity of anyone who truly realizes it. I'm not willing to do anything seriously illegal, but I will do a LOT to get out of running this maze of flaming hoops for that little bit of cheese.

What people don't realize is that they, like their leaders, are really no different from each other. Lame protesters and conservative republicans are pretty much one and the same now. There has always been that contingent, but now they're really just a bunch of Glenn Beck/Bill O'Reilly loving fucksticks. No different than Mother Jones loving hippies, willing to believe anything that come from the mouths of their masters. All of these types read Us Magazine and fucking slobber over it like pigs at the trough. There is simply nowhere near as much meaningful dialog as they're used to be. Blame Limbaugh, whomever you like, it was bound to happen. The information age can make you much smarter, or a raving idiot.

As Eddie Izzard says, 70% is how you look. Fucking Ich Bin Ein Berliner, motherfuckers. Being reasonable and rational with the Intelligent Design guzzling Birthers will get you no further than it does with Truthers. They all need their camps and are pitching their tents for the long haul. They all whine this much when their "enemy" gets this much control, and blame whomever is in power in spite of mountains of facts...Just like that poster about terror and the police state. Seriously, you guys. Is that a fucking joke? Did CALEA, the DMCA, the PATRIOT Act/PATRIOT II, warrantless wiretapping, and the ability for the DHS/Border Patrol to stop anyone for any reason without probable cause ALL happen on Obama's watch?


I didn't think so.

To all these idiots, and their brethren on the left: Sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up...Or just keep on keepin' on like you've been doing for thousands of years; keep highlighting your need for forcible removal from the gene pool.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Keillth Olber'Reillyman.

Nick said...

none of it is ever going to work. there's always going to be a gaggle of pushy idiots bullying their way to the front lines of political discussion, shouting everyone down until reasonable people just throw up their hands and submit.

there's no voice for the middle anymore. both sides think that "undecided" voters shouldn't be heard, which is fucking ridiculous, cause typically they're the ones who see things as they really are... from all sides. they're the ones that have humility, reason, accountability, civility, attentiveness, and so forth. the right and left don't like that, though... cause they can't deal with the truth about themselves... they just wanna be told that they're right and everyone else is wrong, that they're smart and everyone else is dumb.

they don't only think that they've figured out the world, but they believe that they've created and recreated the world. its fruitless to discuss things with them. can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being and so forth. half of them think The Daily Show is legitimate journalism, and the other half think Fox News isn't every bit the staged comedy that is the Daily Show. the left and right snipe at each other using the same tactics they condemn the other side for employing, using the excuse of "well they did it, so why can't we?". We're a nation of fucking children and it's really quite embarrassing.

Conservatives and Republican Apologists will call Liberals and Intellectuals "wusses" and "crybabies", but then in the same breath champion a perpetually blubbering fool like Glen Beck, excusing his behavior by calling it "passionate" when he's really just a self-serving drama queen akin to the Cunt-Tiaras of "My Super Sweet Sixteen". Olberman is like having my Dad yell at me at great length for reasons he can't remember. O'Riley been a smug bully all his fucking professional life, and Maddow really is just the female counter-point to that. they're seriously all exactly alike, and its maddeningly hypocritical to see people excuse the behavior of one while complaining about the behavior of the other simply because you agree with one of them about what should be done with abortion and guns.

emanonguy said...

And sadly the smaller parties are either the far extremists, various other weirdos or too small to make a difference.

The Olberman comment is pretty fucking funny. I love how he thinks he's so fucking important and right that he quotes Murray's catch line. What a raging fucking toolbag.

Cunt-Tiara's is pretty sweet man, right about as perfect as David Cross' comments on electric scissors and Paris Hilton.

And while it IS embarrassing, I think it's really just getting to that point that many European countries have been at for quite a while now. So I don't think we are any worse on the whole, though certain countries over there do tend to pump out smarter folks. Funny part of that is most of the Europeans that I've met never held the belief that one of us is better and really just want everyone to work shit out. I guess that's what you get when you travel the world, but I haven't met one of those wanderlust types in years. Which is too bad, the temporary friendships I've shared with such people have been some of the best I've ever had.

And abortions and guns, couldn't have put it any better myself. There is some hope, I know some pretty intelligent folks from both sides although not enough. My friends wife just graduated SFAI with her art masters and believes in abortions and guns...Go figure.

Nick said...

i also had this idea;

Obama should have every conservative and republican in America gather in one large area. He should have them form in a single line. He should sit in a folding chair, and then let each and every conservative walk up to him, and then let them scream the word "NIGGER!" to his face as loud as they can.

let me explain; all these people just want to call Obama a nigger. When they say "Socialist" or anything else, they really mean "Nigger". If Obama gave them that opportunity just once, they could get it out of their system, and we can move on as a country.

emanonguy said...