Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fuck My Life vol. 17


are you serious?



You Hear Me?


I will not search, cause i won't find Angelass McJoyrape up there, branding my flesh with her insatiable bedroom gaze.

so stop it.




emanonguy said... though I doubt they will find anything. Clip art, link pics and such things tend to return zero results.

And she looks vaguely like like Czech pornstar Nella, aka A Lot Of Random Eastern European Pronznames.

I know it's not her, but it's a vague approximation.

Anyway, why fret over a random ad with a girl that's not really THAT beautiful? There's a scene in Roger Dodger where the chauvinist lead character explains to his son that what he does for a living is think up ways to make people feel bad, as that makes room in their life for his company's product. Fuck your life? Fuck advertising. Don't let that shit get to you.

Nick said...

hi there thanks for reading/commenting. i get so few comments.

ummm... yeah most of the time this blog is an over-the-top send up of my own Id. wouldn't bother taking it seriously. just laugh at what a sadsack i am and be grateful it's not you.

you're right, she's not THAT beautiful, but the whole idea behind posts like this (i've done several) is pointing out the ludicrousness of these personal ads i see on Myspace, where women who are obvious models are used to coax people into signing up for some sort of singles site, as if women like this are waiting for you out there. She may not be a ten, but she's certainly a mid-high 8... then again i have a thing for sleepy-eyed euro-trash, but that's besides the point. a pretty obvious observation,, but hey i'm just having fun here.

again, thanks for the post.

emanonguy said...

I've been reading for a while, about a year I think. I was looking for pics on Google's Image Search and I found one of your awesome pic posts. I also like metal, though our tastes don't exactly merge all of the time I appreciate any fellow heschen. And the wife and I both like horror and other fucked up movies, so your blog is pretty helpful. Still haven't seen much of whats in your posts but I reference what you've put up. And your explicit rants tend to be pretty fucking funny and full of good word combos...I particularly like "turbo douche" using it whenever possible. So thanks for the blog.

Funny thing, I was reading Shacknews and I saw that same ad...

I've a big thing for the euro girlies too, Eve Angel and her many cohorts. At least you can watch them, rather than looking at sad sack ridiculous dating site pics...But if your angle is pointing out how ludicrous those ads and services are, then rock on.

Nick said...

yeah that's pretty much it. i prefer movement to still images when it comes to masturbation assistance as well.

cool to see the blog is helpful to some. i don't have much of a filter... most of the time i feel like i'm just barking in the dark, so i that leads to a lack of self-censorship on my part. in real life i'm a frightened puppy. a frightened puppy who likes French Black Metal and movies about necrophilia... but a frightened puppy all the same.

thanks again.

Yerk Toader said...

French Black Metal and movies about necrophilia, I lol'd. Keep up the good work - your "America! America!" posts only increase my misanthropy, but so does life. :D