Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fuck YOUR Life vol. 3

as i'm typing this... Kayne West just interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video, protesting that it was in fact Beyonce who should've been honored with the statue.

Hey Kanye West.

I was wondering if you could do something for me?

could you please fuck off?

like.... forever?

who exactly in the great shit of all fuck do you think you are? You're like some high-school kid who complains that the popular kids hate his guts, yet you show up to ever pep rally in hopes that you'll be given some sort of positive acknowledgment. and when you get what you give... namely SHIT... you flip out, stomp your feet, and cry about nobody liking you.

and now you're complaining about awards that have nothing to do with you... about PEOPLE that have nothing to do with you. to quote one of my least favorite SLAYER songs; You've got a catheter in your brain... Pissing your common sense away. that's right... you don't even deserve lyrics from a good SLAYER song. no South of Heaven or Reign in Blood for you. You'll get God Hates us All and like it!

but i digress.

You're a Prostitute of the Eyes. A spoiled, self centered cock-menace of a human being who needs to be verbally slighted, physically abused, and mentally tortured.

No one is buying your jilted-voice-of-a-generation shtick anymore. if you were really the voice of a generation, you'd do like those before you; drive yourself into complete seclusion (see JD Sallinger), truly go out of your way to alienate your audience by by being as deliberately uncommercial as you can be (see Bob Dylan, Neil Young), or you'd drink yourself to death or blow your head off (too many to name).

not gonna do that? than just do the next best thing and FUCK OFF.

you really are a gay fish, man.


emanonguy said...

Don't even bother, man. Rap is an insular world, where dudes make a living off of little tapes and reputations for freestyling and impromtu battles...and then build that hype till they reach the top: Cash Money Millionaires are really "cash money millionaires" and have been for a while. It used to be about MC's dropping some sick flow and battling each other...And in some places, some respects, it still is. But the Big Money Game™ has taken over and is a big part of rap and hip hop now. Like, billion dollar part of it...And you just don't get rid of billions of dollars of influence, just like politics.

Nick said...

it's funny though how mr Mother Fucker Kanye West goes after a tiny little wuss like Taylor Swift all under the pretense of "defending Beyonce's honor" or some shit. it's like Everlast said about Eminem roughly 10 years ago; dude shoots deers in cages. It's like they wanna have the attitude of rappers from the past, but they're afraid to attack each other because there might be some gangland reprisal, so they go after harmless white bread pop tarts (mmmmmmm white bread pop tarts *drooooool*) in hopes of retaining some street cred. it's all a fucking bad joke.

i don't even mind some of West's tunes. as far as mainstream Hip-Pop goes, his shit is somewhat listenable... but like i said before; he's an insufferably self-important turbo douche.

fuck em all. i'm listening to Boom Bip and Dose One.

Nick said...

also i want to give Taylor Swift a little rohypnol-based consoling in a dark room with no windows and a leather harness suspended from the ceiling while "Anal Staircase" by COIL blares on repeat.

emanonguy said...

It's hilarious that so many people - in spite of all of the talk about how Kanye courts controversy as a career - don't get that Kanye courts controversy as a career...How the fuck does that work? I guess they didn't get the memo.

I think it's fucking awesome that like soooooo many kids born past '85, they don't have to put the name of their first pet and the street they grew up on to come up with a porn name.

It's like parents want their sweet little innocent princes and princesses to grow up into slobbering uber-narcissist troglodytic popinjays.(some old school english for this smack down, not that I know that much)

I love how so many parents take their daughters word that this halter top or that tube top is just "cute", even believe it themselves so long as it's slutted down enough to make the shelves of the malls of Uhmerikka.

My Dad runs his own business right next to my alma mater, and rape is bad and wrong and never any victims - guys or girls - fault... but I know some of these girls want to be seen as more than just sexually attractive, they want to be a dangerous fantasy. It's been this way for decades since the puritans have been pushed further and further back and Nabokov blessed us with Lolita. How fucking smart was he to make her just young enough to REALLY court controversy? Had she been 16 or older a lot of people would have ignored it outright, I think. Even then the times were seriously changing.

Disney can lie to us all they want, but I know these stars are specifically designed to make the young ones naughty bits tingle...And the pervy old ones too. What red blooded guy doesn't want to throat train Selina Gomez or Swift or any other teen starlet? Especially in this day and age where gory close up gonzo teen fetish porn can show you every pore on her vagina as she's pounded by Ron Jeremy's 10 inch demon cock?

I can see it now....

emanonguy said...

Oh, Coil kicks ass, that's a great visual.

Nick said...

i'd probably switch it up to "Human Pony Girl" by SAMHAIN at some point... probably when i break out the blindfold, dollhead ball gag, and the bamboo stalks, making her hang upright... arms bound above her head... ankles bound together....

see what Disney has done? they've put put thoughts of pre-goth industrial scored BDSM in my brain. i'm pretty sure my early sex fantasies involved a gang bang with the cast of KIDS INC. clearly i was hardly sheltered.

seriously though... it's been like that for as long as there has been MTV. Madonna did it. Britany Spears, Pink, and so forth did it. now it's Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Lady GAGa. They've taken the surface elements of pornography and fetish art; all the aesthetics with none of the payoff. it's a big tease. You know all they're doing is playing dress up, but it's worse than that because they're not even dressing themselves. they're fetish dolls with a pulse. they have a team of stylists creating their image, and they do it by ripping off underground photography, art, and film.

look at Lady GAGa. at the VMAs she wore all this "wild" stuff, and to the average MTV viewer it was "shocking" and "unique", but several of her outfits (particularly the ones she wore on stage) were totally ripped off from assorted medical fetish art, specifically Nana Rapeblossom ( ), and paintings by Kris Wlodarski ( ). Nana even commented on it on her Facebook page, but i digress. It's frustrating because these are great artists with true vision, and they're aesthetic is being co-opted by some bland club rat and her boring techno-pop, repackaged as "wacky antics" with none of the ideas behind the image. it's just fast food eros, designed to purely titilate, not satisfy... so you keep coming back because hey, maybe they'll be a payoff this time. but their never is.

at least Jezebelle Bond let you see her take a dick. Pop music still has the same appeal of a porno magazine or a XXX DVD, but with no punchline. cause no matter how hard you wish for it, you won't see Rihanna get ass-attacked by Mr. Marcus. no one is gonna cum on Katy Perry's face... not in public, anyway.

emanonguy said...

Heheh not in public is right. That bitch had the gall to make some scoffing criticism of Lady Gaga I think it was, chirping about how it was manufactured. I about shot my milk out of my nose because next to Jill Solbule, Perry is like watching Jenna Jameson doing girls when you know that dyke and femme lesbians alike make good pronz.

Co-opting underground art has been modus operandi for so long now that sometimes I don't even flinch. As for Lady Gaga stealing underground shit, my artsy friend said someone she knows went to Gaga's concert and saw a bunch of heady feminist imagery and not just sloppily thrown on a screen but with serious thought. I dunno, I doubt she has any more substance than Madonna but I guess time will tell. I bet if anything it will be like the big money rappers that put out little homegrown mix cd's that everyone raves about being way better than their commercial releases...Which makes me really confused. I guess growing up around music magazines and stores brought me to do my own research, but I would think that people would start demanding what they like rather than what they can get at Target or on iTunes.

Whatever, the end result is still a bunch of people that want lame titillation because for as rich and diverse as our culture can be, it's still dominated by a bunch of bible thumping pseudo Christians that can't decide if they like weed and pussy or church...Let alone come to terms with liking weed and pussy, and still being an upstanding person and working class citizen.

Fuck our lives, I guess.

Nick said...

Lady GAGa just out-and-out (and i do mean "out" n'yeah) steals shit, without even giving credit where credit is due. no one is original, but at least have the decency to give your inspirations the respect they deserve. all of the people Jr. Miss Gags thieves from (Nana Rapeblossom, Allison Goldfrapp, etc) never even get a passing mention from her in interviews, thus the mainstream props her up as some dangerously imaginative iconoclastic culture warrior when she's really just another boring attention whore with invisible daddy issues.

someone like Nana Rapeblossom can back up her aesthetic with detailed knowledge of the history of her interests by naming specific artists that inspired her work. Lady GAGa just goes "it's just me man. i'm truly outrageous. truly... truly.... TRULY outrageous! watch me sort-of kiss this girl NAGHNAGHNAH!" (yeah that's my fake-lesbian -kissing sound).

again though, you can't really blame them too much, because they're just pawns.

Nick said...

heh.. Katy Perry started out doing lame Christian Pop music. i'd still do everything to that girl. make her put her money where my balls is. but i digress.

yeah it is funny with all the choices people have now when it comes to music, so many still rely on the mainstream to influence their listening habits. most people in this country have diarrhea shit-ass taste in film and music, so maybe they are getting what they really want. oh well... let 'em have it. i'm cool with Gasper Noe and Lars Von Trier's new films while everyone else slobbers over G.I. JOE.

emanonguy said...

To be honest I'm pretty half and half with Trier, but I'd see his shit any day over GI Joe or Transformers. I AM happy with Iron Man though, I think Faverau did pretty well considering. I grew up with 70's/80's action movies as it seems you did, so I WANT a kick ass action movie, but I tend to be more happy with just about anything that Tarantino or Ritchie put out in that department.