Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 106

Sex And Violence In SERBIAN FILM

Posted by Todd Brown at 8:33am.

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The Serbian film industry, while growing in stature around the world by producing more and more films of higher and higher quality, is also notably trending towards violence on screen, a trend that would be denounced in most nations but one that the director of the Film Center Serbia has actually gone on record defending as a valid expression of his country’s history and ongoing troubles. And nowhere is that trend towards violence - in this case violence fused with explicit sex - more pronounced than in the upcoming Serbian Film.

Milos, a retired ex-porn star, now leads a normal family life with his beautiful wife, Maria and five year old son Stefan in tumultuous Serbia inn a modern era of transition, trying to make ends meet. A sudden call from his former colleague, still hot porn actress Layla, will change everything. Aware of his financial problems, Layla introduces Milos to Vukmir - a shady, mysterious, menacing and politically powerful figure in the porn business who makes Milos an offer he can’t refuse. A leading role in Vukmir’s new production will provide financial support to Milos and his family for the rest of their lives. Milos is hesitant at first, because a contract insists on his absolute unawareness of the script they will shoot or the dramatic situations that Vukmir is going to put him through during filming. Finally, he agrees, driven by the urge of security for his family, protecting it from the impending poverty so dominant in Serbia today. From then on, Milos is drawn into a maelstrom of unbelievable cruelty an mayhem devised by his employer, “The Director”, of his Destiny, Vukmir. Relentless in his attempt to make an ultimate artistic “snuff-porn”, the one that has never been seen, using poor people as his acting cannon fodder, and unleash it upon the hungry eyes of the world. Vukmir and his cohorts will stop at nothing to complete his “vision”, and will go to unspeakable lengths to achieve it, using even innocent children as props. In order to escape the living cinematic hell he’s put into and save his family’s life. Milos will have to sacrifice everything: his pride, his morality, his sanity, and maybe even his own life. In a Serbian “Heart of Darkness” where life is cheaper then a candy bar, in a struggle with enemies powerful beyond belief and just as violent and pathologically evil, the chances of surviving are abnormally thin.

The trailer for this lies below the break, looks impeccably well made and is wildly inappropriate for work environments. Be warned.

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