Friday, September 25, 2009

Brainmares vol. 8

i'm in my brothers room, wearing blankets and comforters like hooded cloaks. i want to play Nintendo, but it isn't hooked up. my cellphone reads "1 M". I go up the stairs, stepping over rolls of paper towels that have been arranged like dominoes.

back at my room. i turn on the TV. an overweight middle aged man with a greasy black comb-over is wearing a wrinkled black suit, sitting in the rubble of a burned building, the framework warped, blackened, and caked with ash. he is making out with twin 8 year olds (one boy and one girl). they both have blond hair. the girl is wearing a white Sunday dress and the boy is wearing a tux. the man seems more interested in the boy, kissing him on the lips in soft but wet pecks. the two children seem to be enjoying it. the girl even pushes the man down and begins to straddle him, mimicking poses she's seen on television, computers, and magazines.

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