Monday, September 24, 2012

NERRRRRRRRD!!!!! vol. 39

DREDD 3D review in brief

equal parts 2000 AD strip, the Raid, and  Robocop 2, DREDD 3D is an enjoyable, well acted, competently constructed sci-fi action film that understands and adores the source material that made its existence possible. however, the filmmakers are only dipping their toes in the shallow end of the massive pool that is Mega-City 1. the one-day-on-the-job approach of the film's narrative is of course understandable; budget constraints forced the production designers to keep it modest, which has the upside of distancing this film even further from the monumentally execrable 1995 farce, but has the downside of diminishing the vast importance of Mega-City One as a character in of itself.

given the poor box office performance this weekend, a bigger better sequel seems highly unlikely. perhaps Judge Dredd was just not long for the cinema.

whelp, we'll always have those gorgeous 2000 AD collections. 

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