Sunday, December 27, 2015

Awww Yeah vol. 44 / Negation Aspiration vol. 10

He left a note on the door: “I’m killing myself, the key is with Claude Fonsale, the lawyer.” Beside his corpse was a second note, railing against “all the bastards who have been a pain in the arse all my bloody life”. Molinier staged his death, just as he staged so much of his life. He found it amusing, he once wrote, that those who would come to dissect his corpse (which he had donated to science) would discover his toenails immaculately painted red. Molinier, who also had a thing about guns, shot himself in the mouth in front of a mirror. He wanted to watch. Throughout his work there is a quest for obliteration, losing himself in sex and in the merger with a fantasised feminine alter ego.

Pioneer of perversity: Pierre Molinier's extreme exposures 
High-heeled, corseted, impaled, auto-fellating ... Molinier’s fantasy photographs open a window on a forbidden world – and have made him a cult figure. Do not try this at home

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