Monday, December 7, 2015

We Are The Sprocket Holes vol. 225: Top DVDs of 2015

nightmarishly reappraises the mock-snuff genre with an atmosphere of humid putridity and ritualistic quietude. 

an artfully startling yet surprisingly humane look at rape culture and all its tangential effects.

the duo behind You're Next offers up and synth ladden neon blasted action horror that plays like a brainstorming session between William Friedkin and John Carpenter being interpreted by Buddy Giovinazzo going off tapes he secretly recorded through a wall. and also Maika Monroe needs to call me. 

if Crimson Peak left you cold (as it did for me), then this surrealistic modern gothic tale with no small nods to Mario Bava, Antonio Margheriti, and the like should cure what ales ya. 

murder competition between internet BFFs from the minds behind The Raid. 

another entry in the burgeoning "What Could Have Been" Comedy Docu-Drama genre. doesn't quiet reach the heights of Jodorowsky's DUNE, but still packed with enough insight into the frequently terrible process of big game film making. 

David Cronenberg's most genuinely subversive film since 97's Crash and his funniest film ever. incredible performances from all involved. 

somewhere between Possession, Thantomorphose, and a little Videodrome for structure lurks this brilliant blend of occult conspiracy, allegorical body horror, and coal-raking Hollywood satire. 

An American ghost story's rustic surface with an Italian ghost story irrational beat. 

Sion Sono inimitable love letter to the blissfully batshit genre cinema of his homeland. 

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