Monday, January 1, 2018

Negation Aspiration vol. 87

"Rather than a depressive disorder, demoralization is a type of existential disorder associated with the breakdown of a person’s ‘cognitive map’. It is an overarching psycho-spiritual crisis in which victims feel generally disoriented and unable to locate meaning, purpose or sources of need fulfillment. The world loses its credibility, and former beliefs and convictions dissolve into doubt, uncertainty and loss of direction. Frustration, anger and bitterness are usual accompaniments, as well as an underlying sense of being part of a lost cause or losing battle. The label ‘existential depression’ is not appropriate since, unlike most forms of depression, demoralization is a realistic response to the circumstances impinging on the person’s life.”

The demoralized 



Slow dive / gas flow / tortured soul bold / little boy with gray solitude / crossed the line of what to do / pass time, exclude your mind / soft shapes decay clay / wash away the lifeless day / life, life will fade /  flowing past, collapse of precious life / fortune has waste / respectively behind it /  death to taste /  born to fold, you'll break the mold and feel

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