Monday, January 1, 2018

Bye Felicia; 2017 in Rear View

NP on a loop: Thou's rendition of "Ordinary World" by Duran Duran

first, Let's all of us take a moment and pay our respects to all who have left us this year. 
R.I.P.: Sex Memes Art Music Comedy Irony Going Out Staying In Depression Testimonials Fandoms Snark Deconstruction Reconstruction Unease when confronted by the murder of innocents "Grimdark" Individualism Elitism Civility Maturity Humility Identity Politics Identity Politics Subversion Transgression Accommodation Urgency The Housing Market (ravaged by fancy coffees and pricey sandwiches i'm told) Accountability Ideology Your Bootstraps Plain-speaking Reading The Room Shaming Shame Momentum Motivation Changes of Scenery Doing Better Than The Year Before Commitment Communication Friendship (not the band Friendship. shit's tight, broh) Support Networks Courtship Opportunity Imagination Productivity Hard Work Yielding Rewards Humanism Misanthropy All The Victims of Avocado Toast. 

2017 can just go ahead and tongue-punch that rusty bear trap.

but hey, this year provided plenty of material for this atrocity conduit i call a blog. here's a list of my favorite posts. if you're new here, this might give you a bit of a scenario of how my broken brains over-process the meaning-devoid.

2007 / 2017: Ten Years of Retributional Sodomy

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