Saturday, December 9, 2017

NERRRRRRRRD! vol. 65 / U.S.A.! U.S.A.! vol. 118

Look, we all want to watch Avengers and X-Men fight, but this Disney-Fox merger still sucks

yeah sure, it's a grotesquely unethical media monopoly, a creative-inhibiting stricture, and a ruthless narrowing of outlets... but as long as stupid nerds get more stupid nerd junk, who cares, right?

i'm confidant in my abilities to find the proverbial "good shit", so i don't depend on the Disney Factory for my entertainment fixes, but stories like this just don't excite me, and what may or may not not come out of this morose coupling of corporate entities, (whose influence and presence is already beyond-the-pale ubiquitous and monstrously overvalued) does not stimulate my imagination toward anything fruitful or positive.

i'm not 10 years old anymore. back then i might have given a fuck if Wolverine and the Hulk could be in the same cinematic universe, but with the benefit of hindsight i can say with an assured abundance of confidence that no on-screen interaction would recreate the monster-mash joy i felt seeing them tangle on the cover of a Len Wein scripted Herb Trimpe illustrated comic book, and any attempt would be little more than a callow re-staging, devoid of the image's initial impact. but i digress...

point is, i'm not really that anxious to see every property under one umbrella, and i'm eternally weary of people who are so thirsty to be hermetically sealed in childhood queries of who might win a fight between Darth Vader and Doctor Doom that they'd be willing to give up even more of their already scarce freedom of choice.

now that i think this over... i'm barely interested in these properties under separate umbrellas. i mean, are there still people hard up for more Predator or Alien movies? i was sick of Rocket Raccoon about 3 seconds into the opening credits of Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2.

i'm more interested in what A24 planned for the future, or where Black Mask Studios is headed.

fucking geeks.

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