Monday, December 4, 2017

We Are The Sprocket Holes vol. 334: Top DVD/Blu-Ray Releases of 2017

due to a chance encounter between a chain surge of bad luck and increasing outside tensions straining to be addressed, much of this year was spent alone on my end of things, going from my room to my job, with next to no creative fulfillment or social interludes to rupture the monotony, any number of attempts either stopping dead in their tracks or gaining no traction at all. how i dealt with this spinning of the wheels is to throw up my hands and let myself sink into my hobbies, mentally reemerging for work and to excrete some literary drippings that for the past year have taken the form of a "novel". now that this nadir epoch draws to a superficial close, i've composed 4 year end lists that i hope serve as not only a gracious thank you to the people who brought me some modicum of peace through this nauseatingly depressing time, but also as an appendix for the chaos i semi-involuntarily chose to internalize. hope yo get some value out of them, and i'll do my best to keep the remaining word counts to a minimum. 
- N.

eating your way out of The Solar Anus. 

cream of some young fungi from Yuggoth 

deconstructing deconstruction. 

aka The Moors Murders Down Under 

huh huh huh... "Fingersmith" 

it's amazing how much comics, films, and television mined 2000ad for talent and ideas, and that a lot of those ideas are now seeping into the real world. all known current realities should cut Pat Mills fat checks forever.

the icy sadism to Singapore Sling's fevered hedonism. 

the dream journal of a sheltered meth-addicted oil heir 

as humane a study on the effects of clinical depression as you'll ever find, never giving in to illness fetishism or callow histrionics. 

cruel, insensitive, grotesque, problematic, vicious, hurtful... an anathema to humanism. a grime-caked palate cleanser for all who are tired of being told that art must be omni-inclusive or else. choke on a floor dog. 

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