Sunday, December 3, 2017

NERRRRRRRRD! vol. 64: the 2017 FBI Watch List Book Club Recommendations

due to a chance encounter between a chain surge of bad luck and increasing outside tensions straining to be addressed, much of this year was spent alone on my end of things, going from my room to my job, with next to no creative fulfillment or social interludes to rupture the monotony, any number of attempts either stopping dead in their tracks or gaining no traction at all. how i dealt with this spinning of the wheels is to throw up my hands and let myself sink into my hobbies, mentally reemerging for work and to excrete some literary drippings that for the past year have taken the form of a "novel". now that this nadir epoch draws to a superficial close, i've composed 4 year end lists that i hope serve as not only a gracious thank you to the people who brought me some modicum of peace through this nauseatingly depressing time, but also as an appendix for the chaos i semi-involuntarily chose to internalize. hope yo get some value out of them, and i'll do my best to keep the remaining word counts to a minimum. 
- N.

ANSWER ME! All Four Issues by Jim and Debbie Goad

before he became seemingly content with catering to easily sated aging shitlords who think reading Pat Buchanan books in Craft Bars constitutes a subversive act, Goad's writing was sharp, deadly, and right in the thick of the disagreeable maelstroms that became victimized by the wrath of his vicious intellect and scathing literacy. 25 years later and there are few that can match the intensity of this omnibus.

GAG by Grant Maierhofer  

 a sequence of rotting doors / mild suburban hell / rooms lorded over by men of obscenity / a blighted novella /sister book to PX138 3100-2686 User’s Manual / a little limb, little dog / bodies trapped in basements / leather, plastic, film / pile of burnt manuscripts / Antonin Artaud’s body writhing on an asylum floor / the outside world of light and terrors / 

Giving Godhead by Dylan Krieger

fearless and aggressive... winking and playful...

The Incest Diary by Anonymous

a real-life Secret Diary of Laura Palmer 

Kiddiepunk Collected 201-2015 

featuring new works by Dennis Cooper, Thomas Moore, Peter Sotos, and others.

Kill All Normies by Angela Nagle

Nagle does the lord's work here; producing a dense guide to the multiplying labyrinth of viral psychosis that has devoured internet discourse and now has its sights set on binge-eating at the adult's table.
LiarTown: The First Four Years by Sean Tejaratchi 

funniest book i've read all year. FFO Vernon Chatman, Scarfolk.

Mountainhead by New Juche

Juche became my new favorite writer almost instantly, insuring that position here with this bodily fluid grimed travelogue.

Paperbacks from Hell by Grady Hendrix 

lovingly recreates the feeling i had when i was around six or seven and my mother would be combing the book aisle at Caldor, not realizing that my brain was becoming home to the images that lept from the utterly bizarre horror novel covers of that time period.

Slash of the Titans: The Road to Freddy vs. Jason by Dustin McNeill 

proof that, more often than not, the journey is infinitely more fascinating and rich than the destination, McNeill compiles a dossier of the false starts that handicapped the inevitable meeting of the 1980s most recognizable icons, providing the reader a glimpse of what the film might've been had money and fanboys not interceded.

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