Thursday, October 16, 2008

Breakfast-Farts vol. 10

Vision of Disorder is recording a new album. hurm.

spent the day yesterday (and most of this morning) reacquainting myself with their material. Imprint is still an across the boards mother-fucker of an album, the album Pantera and/or Machine Head should have strived to make after The Great Southern Trendkill and The More Things Change... (respectively). one of the most overlooked albums of 90s metal. the vocals on the s/t are some of the purest, most volatile shouts i've ever heard. For the Bleeders may have their best songwriting. if they can somehow take all the best features of those previous releases, severely ignore From Bliss to Devastation (metallic hardcore's Cold Lake), they may have something amazing in store. but more than likely, we'll get more middle of the road nu-grunge groove metal bullshit. but who knows for sure?

that's it really.

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