Thursday, October 2, 2008

Breakfast Farts vol. 9

NP: ILL BILL - "Society is Brainwashed"

Message Boards mostly bum me out. Most of the people who post on said message boards could suck the fun out of a Kim Kardashian-hosted "Blowjob-With-My-Ass" party. Yes yes i know you're disenfranchised and disaffected and disillusioned and diseverythingandjunk. You know what albums are supposed to sound like and how TV shows are supposed to be written and how movies are to be made and which politicians are and aren't full of shit.... except you don't. All you know is being self-involved contrarians with some misdirected validation when any acknowledgment of your half-baked, childishly bleak views get any sort of "reply".

The whole anti-bliss cynical asshole routine has run its course. I'm guilty of this behavior i know, but i try to elevate my miserable self somewhat.... most of you out there just call everything and anything lame and gay and gay and stupid and lame and gay and lame and lame and gay without ever having a real thought or opinion on what you're running down or why you've decided to take this stance on the matter. If you're going to hate something...

blech... this sucks. I'm just doing this because my girlfriend said i hadn't done a "Breakfast Farts" post in a while. I thought about the Kim Kardashian zinger while staring intensely at backside pics of her in a track suit.. saliva-lobbed in awe over the notion of receiving a prolonged ass-blow from the young lady. .. than all of sudden i got this message board rant going. Don't know why... it's not like i really care if some subterranean octo-twerp thinks Pig Destroyer isn't a grind band or Heroes was disappointing or if Inside was overrated....and as for being a mockingly cynical internet persona... well that was just an eerie moment of clarity, wasn't it?

NP: BUZZCOCKS - "Everybody's Happy Nowadays"

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