Sunday, October 19, 2008

Song for the Week of 10/19/08


you look me straight in the eyes

it's like a reaction felt straight to the heart
makes me feel like I've been alive
makes me wonder if I got he strength to carry on
not just to get by

whats with you son?
a fatal vision not the only one
it's like sand in my face
i feel the blood drip in my eyes

it's like a constant picture inside
never fades, never slips away
it stays imprinted inside

i slipped again, underneath again
eyes slip back into the head
i see the pictures again
i grit my teeth in my sleep
a shallow imprint, step to the grave
you ain't getting far,
you're a walking stone
you ain't getting very far

where you gonna run
when you're running from yourself
you look up to me
believe me,

i'll tear you apart
cause I ain't one to fuck with
someday I'll cut you just like they cut me
so look me straight in the eyes

vengeance and hate runs deep
i'll always know where you sleep

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