Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just Needed to Share vol. 27/We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 59

This is Asia Argento. I like her very much.

this is a gay poem i wrote about her. i do my best to incorporate my infatuation with her undeniable allure and allusions to her filmography, which contains some underrated classics ( the Church ), some uneven missed opportunities ( New Rose Hotel ) and some please-kill-me stinkers ( the Keeper and her father Dario's own Phantom of the Opera ), as well as her adaptation of JT Leroy's the Heart is Deceitful Above All Things.

Her beauty is the kind that drives genius, but also can nullify it, and it's almost out of her control.

anyway, here's THE CAT WITH NO FACE:

Horror show eyes that for the first time seem to be filled with real dread, changing the tune of the self-immolation minstrels. Angels cease to be stock and reclaim the body wealth usurped by the ambrosia devoid. Stifled with a rare apprehension no father figure could ever reproduce without scaring himself. Nosedive indulgences whose candy-dust cannot cake your flesh enough. One look and phantoms and keepers can be forgiven for their plot-hole inconsistencies. One look and there are no such thing as imaginary boys. We know it's not your voice, and the laughs between the hackjob are the next best thing to winds being shared.

Just Needed to Share.

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