Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 82

Tsukamoto’s BULLET MAN Is Actually TETSUO 3!

Posted by Todd Brown at 9:44am.

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Oh, my. I must confess that I did not see this coming. As is the case with all things Shinya Tsukamoto, I have been anxiously awaiting any new or information from his upcoming Bullet Man from the day I first heard of it. And like all things Tsukamoto, the director has been more than content to keep things close to the chest and make people wait until he was good and ready to show any materials from the picture. This is normal behavior for the Japanese auteur. What is unusual, however, is for the man to engage in a game of bait and switch and so I never imagined that Bullet Man could actually be a shadow project with a deliberately misleading title - I’d always figured that if it had any connection to Tsukamoto’s earlier work it would be to Bullet Ballet - desgined to draw attention away from the fact that this is the twentieth anniversary of his arrival on the scene with the iconic Testuo: The Iron Man.

Yes, you’ve got it right. Bullet Man does not actually exist. What does, however, is The Tetsuo Project - the third installment in Tsukamoto’s series of films about man/machine hybrids and the first English language film of his career. Screen Daily broke the news and while it’s still light on detail the film will be present in the Cannes Marche Du Film so expect to be seeing more about it in these pages soon.

EDIT: Here's Bloody Disgusting's article on the matter.

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