Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fuck My Life vol. 9

Hey Internet.

Stop it.

Stop pulling women from my Clive Barker/Jim Norton imagination and putting them in your lame ass ads for shitty singles sites. I know no one out there that looks like that is waiting for me on No one that looks like that is waiting for me anywhere ever. SHE'S NOT REAL.

look... i've tried to be cool about this, but i'm hanging by a rope of my own entrails right now. I can't deal with the hope anymore. The teasing. It's too damn much. I've already aenestized myself with enough hardcore pornography and industrial noise records to decensitize a 32 year old manboy home schooled mormon virgin that's primary window to the world is 4th generation Disney Afternoon VHS tapes and a Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth cassette single that was handed down from her equally sheltered older siblings. i'm literally days away from gunning down student nurses from a bell tower with a sawed-off hand cannon.

Fuck My Life.

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