Monday, June 1, 2009

We are the Sprocket Holes vol. 85

Putting the Red into Redband - Bloody trailer for GRACE

Posted by Kurt Halfyard at 6:50pm.

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So, you made it through Who Can Kill a Child?, Dumplings and À l’intérieur? You can take female body horror centered around pregnancy? Well, Paul Solet’s Grace aims to take the Little Shop of Horrors (or the more recent Blood Car) concept very seriously, viscerally, and bloody. You can take the positive word from where the film debuted at Sundance, or you can watch the redband trailer after the jump to prove it. Not quite NSFW, but you will get funny looks from the person in the next cubicle.

Eight months pregnant, and preoccupied with both a natural childbirth and a pure-body lifestyle, Madeline Matheson, played with merciless compassion by Jordan Ladd, deflects her demanding mother-in-law’s insistent pressure for standard hospital treatment, instead opting for the peaceful companionship of a trusted midwife. Though reluctantly compliant, her husband remains supportive of her choices until a sudden tragic accident leaves her unborn baby lifeless inside of her. Madeline remains determined to carry the stillborn baby to term, where she miraculously wills the delivered corpse into life. But it is not too long before the increasingly isolated mother realizes that something is not right with baby Grace, and she must make horrible sacrifices to keep her living.

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